About Us

Manuski Old Age Home is one of the trusted, most caring, and productive living Center/ old age care homes among senior citizens in Pune. Our belief is that retirement is not an end but a beginning, where they can live their life freely without any burden of daily chores and responsibilities.
We are offering the best old age home services with essential facilities including medical and health care services with doctor's visits, the nursing facility, and the regular medical checkup as well as we have our own kitchen and provide laundry service, security, and safety in a pleasant and hygienic environment to take care of our senior citizens' health.
We are regularly conducting social programs, excellent fitness facilities, a well-stocked library as well as we have our health and professional emergency management who take care of our senior citizens and encourage them to start their new journey with us.
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Manusaki oldage homes serve through the delivery of clinical excellence, extraordinary service and compassionate care, while being recognized as the leader in home health and hospice services in Pune.
Manuski Old Age Home